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Player profile

Date of Birth 31.03.1967
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Height 183 cm
Weight 78 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Left-handed
Stick Brand Unihoc
Position Defender
When started playing floorball Probably before it was a sportů
When joined Ravens 2004
Previous Clubs in Floorball Bellmans BK, Chester Vikings
Achievements in Floorball -
Objectives in Floorball -
Favourite Meal Fillet steak, Bearnaise sauce & potatoes au gratin
Favourite Book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Cannot be without Cheese doodles
Other Hobbies -
Motto If it is worth doing it is worth doing well
Dream Holiday Backpacking around South America
Personal Objectives -
Unknown fact about me -
Who is the Ravens pro? Mats Kavander
Who is the Ravens joker? Ibo for suggesting such fantastic times for training