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Player's profile when played for FBC Merseyside Ravens

Date of Birth 07.11.1982
Place of Birth Helsinki, Finland
Nationality Finnish
Height 182 cm
Weight 76 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Left-handed
Stick Brand Blast Premium
Position Forward
When started playing floorball 1994
FBC Merseyside Ravens Member 2006
Previous Clubs in Floorball VFT, AC HaKi, Westend Indians (all Finnish)
Achievements in Floorball Lots of good memories and good friends
Objectives in Floorball Have fun (while winning games and embarrassing the opponents)
Favourite Meal Anything unhealthy
Favourite Book I'd rather watch a movie
Cannot be without Floorball (yeah right)
Other Hobbies Football
Motto If you have to do something today, postpone it for tomorrow
Dream Holiday Liverpool
Personal Objectives Enjoy life (and do something useful sometimes)
Unknown fact about me I've had three knee surgeries
Who is the Ravens pro? Has to be Mats, but Johan as well
Who is the Ravens joker? All of them are funny