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Player's profile when played for FBC Merseyside Ravens

Date of Birth 20.05.1966
Place of Birth Leipzig, Germany
Nationality German
Height 178 cm
Weight 68 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Left-handed
Stick Brand Canadien
Position Defender
When started playing floorball 1993
FBC Merseyside Ravens Member 2005
Previous Clubs in Floorball ASV Cologne, Germany
Achievements in Floorball 2 German Champioship titels, participation in EuroCup 1995 and World Cup 1996
Objectives in Floorball Keep moving
Favourite Meal Pasta
Favourite Book Born to Win
Cannot be without My wife and kids
Other Hobbies Skiing, mountaineering
Motto "If you think you can do it, or if you think you cannot do it, you'll always be right" (Henry Ford)
Dream Holiday One winter in the Canandien Artic
Personal Objectives  
Unknown fact about me Remains a secret
Who is the Ravens pro? Neil
Who is the Ravens joker? Farhana