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Farhana Solaiman  

Ravens Rookie of Season 2005-06


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Date of Birth 12.03.1981
Place of Birth Bangladesh
Nationality Swedish
Height 162 cm
Weight 50 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Left-handed
Stick Brand Unihoc
Position Forward
When started playing floorball 2004
FBC Merseyside Ravens Member 2004-2006
Previous Clubs in Floorball None
Achievements in Floorball Scored 1st League goal
Objectives in Floorball Do my best possible
Favourite Meal Exclusive
Favourite Book Anything by Mary Higgins Clark
Cannot be without Lipbalm
Other Hobbies Comedies
Motto Laugh through life...
Dream Holiday Where relaxation is!
Personal Objectives To have a comfortable life
Unknown fact about me Also known as Monica (Friends) to many friends close to me
Who is the Ravens pro? Mats
Who is the Ravens joker? Tim (Rookie of the year 2004)