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Fredrik Anders Sävenberg  


Voted the most good-looking guy by the locals in Stratford, 2005


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Date of Birth 25.08.1984
Place of Birth Umea, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Height 171 cm
Weight 75 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Right-handed
Stick Brand Fatpipe (Raw junior)
Position Defender / Forward (left)
When started playing floorball Back in the days. -95 maybe
FBC Merseyside Ravens Member 2005
Previous Clubs in Floorball Hornefors IF, Dalen IBK
Achievements in Floorball Nothing major
Objectives in Floorball Have fun and achieve some sort of fitness
Favourite Meal Whatever mum is cooking
Favourite Book Like reading The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) but no certain favourite...
Cannot be without Snow
Other Hobbies Snowboarding, Juggling
Motto You don't die of falling into water, but of staying under the surface for too long. Gott de Gun
Dream Holiday A holiday in the sun…
Personal Objectives Always do what I want and feel is right. And have fun doing it.
Unknown fact about me I can't sing…
Who is the Ravens pro? Mats Kavander
Who is the Ravens joker? That's positive right? If it is, Ling for sure