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Player's profile when played for FBC Merseyside Ravens

Date of Birth 29.04.1973
Place of Birth UK
Nationality Norwegian
Height 193 cm
Weight 115 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Right-handed
Stick Brand Canadien Viper
Position Anywhere but goal
When started playing floorball At kiddie-school in Norway
FBC Merseyside Ravens Member 2004-2005
Previous Clubs in Floorball None
Achievements in Floorball To make a little boy cry on the opposing team
Objectives in Floorball To get fit, have fun and WIN!
Favourite Meal Mum's home made meatballs
Favourite Book The complete hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Cannot be without Food, Drink & Air
Other Hobbies IT and motorcycling
Motto Some snus a day keeps the doctor away.
Dream Holiday Hiking across Tibet and Nepal from India
Personal Objectives Finish my MA and get a good job in Jan-Feb 2006
Unknown fact about me I can be really spontaneous as long as you give me a moment
Who is the Ravens pro? Henrik (When he can play with us, he is God with a stick)
Who is the Ravens joker? Jimmie (Always 'pretending to get injured every tournament)