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Player profile

Date of Birth 27.03.1979
Place of Birth Gloucester, UK
Nationality British
Height 180 cm
Weight 80 kg
Left-handed/Right-handed Right-handed
Stick Brand Canadien
Position Anywhere
When started playing floorball 2006
When joined Ravens 2006
Previous Clubs in Floorball None
Achievements in Floorball Scoring some goals in my first season
Objectives in Floorball To improve, have fun and maybe learn the rules someday
Favourite Meal Cheesecake
Favourite Book Dune
Cannot be without Sleep
Other Hobbies Judo, football
Motto Slowly slowly catchy monkey
Dream Holiday A trip into space
Personal Objectives Enjoy life
Unknown fact about me -
Who is the Ravens pro? Stefan Bark
Who is the Ravens joker? -