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Benefits of Playing

Low Costs

The best attribute of Floorball is that it is very affordable; the only thing an outfield player needs is to purchase a Floorball stick, as almost everybody has indoor shoes, shorts and t-shirts. Additional costs may arise from buying goals, floor balls, hall rental and some basic equipment for the goalkeepers, but this is often a cost that is separated between the members of the club.

Highlights agility and speed more than strength

The sport has many similarities with ice hockey except it does not require skates or a massive body. Instead this game is very technical and favours speed and agility of a player, instead of size and strength.

Great Exercise

As a player you will notice that a game of Floorball demands a lot of energy; the easiest way of explaining this is that Floorball is like intensive interval training. Many Swedish top athletics in sports such as Tennis, Football and Golf use Floorball as a means of improving their fitness levels.

Great Possibilities

As the sport is relatively new in the UK (See GBFF Website), if you start playing and practising on a regular basis, there is a possibility that one day you might end up representing your country in forthcoming world championships.