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Floorball Facts

Fastest Growing teamsport in Europe

Even though you might not realise it, Floorball is the fastest growing team-sport in Europe!

More and more people enjoy our fast-paced game, which emphasises fitness, skill and speed as opposed to the traditional attributes of strength and size of many traditional team sports such as Ice hockey, Volleyball, Football and Rugby.

Even though this is a new sport, it is quickly growing in support all around the globe. The world championships in Sweden in1996 attracted over 15.000 spectators for the final game, which is higher than many Ice hockey and Basketball attendance records around Europe.

The International Floorball Federation has at the moment:

- 37 National Associations.
- 3900 clubs
- 220 000 registered players
- A European Cup played every year (Similar to the European cup of football)
- World Championships played every year, in even years for Men and U19 Women and in odd years for Women and U19 Men.

More information about Floorball can be found on the GBFF website or the other Floorball teams websites.